I’m Jeremy Redman – entrepreneur helping no coders build internet things based in Los Angeles. I’ve built three 6-figure tech companies from nothing without code and I want to help others do the same. Somehow I got all the way from the trailer park to Sunset Blvd.

As founder of the V/One platform I lead the team in starting an entrepreneurial no code revolution – we essentially turn designs into publishable apps in one click – all with no code. And we we’re part of Jason Calacanis’ LAUNCH 18 cohort



I started a podcast called Not Boring Business: the go-to resource for pivoters, freelancers, solopreneurs and side-hustlers – all no coders and non technical peoples. Be sure to check out the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.

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Initially I used the groups and colleges I spoke with to focus-group my products, peppering in community and connectivity. This led to my seminar BLAST™ (Body Language And Small Talk), a framework for first impressions – twinkle twinkle big star.

I write content for sites, including Entrepreneur. I also wrote an ebook about building your own PBoD and using it to help you grow and reach your full potential. Check it out! It’s FREE when you sign up for the email list.

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Hard to be boring around Jeremy Redman….he is the one of the hardest working and funniest founders I think I have ever spoken to 🙂

Todd Uterstaedt, From Founder to CEO.

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