Jeremy Redman

hi 👋, im jeremy redman

from trailer park to sunset blvd, i've started 3

six-figure no code tech companies and 1 seven-figure tech company from scratch, as a non technical solofounder. i've also raised seven figures in venture capital on top of it.

all while automating every piece of my job i can using

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also also a contributing author for entrepreneur

mag and self taught all-around maker of things

if i can make it out, so can you

where’ve i been talked about?

who am i?


revenue creation and ops

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process design and automation

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UX engineering

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persistence, dreams, goals

customer development

what am i great at?

revenue, product launches and early stage motivation all

all while automating everything you possibly can

top-5 launch ALL TIME in revenue on appsumo launch

RECORD for most sales generated in a single day

added more than 6000 paying customers

and more launches

Pushed a few top products on

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over 70k users

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over $1 million in sales

over $1 million venture capital

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it's more important to ship then to be perfect so ill keep adding

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just in case you don't stay in touch

thanks for saying hi